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If you haven’t already had a look, we have added a number of pictures of Bathrooms that we have designed and installed over the years.  You will find these pictures on our ‘Installation Pictures’ page.  This is a great way to see some different styles and effects that we have created, if you’re hoping for some inspiration whilst thinking about renovating your Bathroom.

We have picked out a few pieces from some of the Bathrooms we have installed to focus on in this blog post…

1.  Bathroom Furniture

Whether it is fitted furniture or freestanding/wall mounted furniture, introducing one of these great pieces into your Bathroom is an option that you won’t regret.

You are often unaware of the amount of toiletries you seem to collect; especially in a busy family home.  Why have all these toiletries on display, as it can often look like clutter and gets in the way when trying to clean.  If you opt for a furniture unit, you can tidy away your bits and pieces in either cupboards or drawers, to keep them out of sight, and your Bathroom spotless.

This fitted furniture piece is great as it consisted of two good sized double cupboards, housing shelving for toiletries.  It made the Bathroom look neat, tidy, sophisticated and top end. Another benefit to this particular unit is that the sink is built in; which means that you don’t need to find any extra space in your Bathroom for separate units/sanitaryware.

Available in a number of different colour and finish options; you will be able to find a unit that is ideal for your home.

We have some fantastic furniture pieces on display in our Showroom on Barnack Road in Stamford.



2.  Statement Tiling

If you’re hoping to stick with crisp white sanitaryware for your Bathroom; why not choose a statement Tile to provide a striking contrast and create the wow factor in your home.

This large profile Tile gives great depth, thanks to the differing colours.  It incorporates darker and lighter tones of blue, grey and almost a copper colour that gives a rich and luxurious effect.  This Bathroom has been finished with Chrome trim around any recesses (such as the window), to give an exclusive finish, worthy of a boutique hotel.

If you have a smaller space, such as a Cloakroom or Ensuite, opting for a larger profile Tile is a great option as it actually makes the room look bigger.

Pop into our Showroom on Barnack Road in Stamford to see our large range of Tiles.  If you definitely do want a statement Tile, there are plenty to choose from; including different colours, patterns and even textures.




3.  Wall Hung Sanitaryware

We understand that some homes are short on space; and quite often the Bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the home.  Don’t worry though, you can still create a stunning room and something a bit different.

Introduce a wall hung piece of Sanitaryware (or furniture) to the room and it will instantly feel bigger.  This is due to the fact that you can still see the floor underneath.

We have a great range of Wall Hung Furniture, ranging from Toilets, Basins, Bidets, Cabinets and Furniture Units which will look great in your Bathroom.  Another plus point to Wall Hung pieces is that it makes your Bathroom a lot easier to clean, as you don’t need to go around everything; just clean underneath!

If you want any advice or to see the different options that we have on offer; then pop and see us at our Showroom on Barnack Road in Stamford or call us on 01780 752411.

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