Bathrooms in Stamford

Our Top Picks

If you haven’t already had a look, we have added a number of pictures of Bathrooms that we have designed and installed over the years.  You will find these pictures on our ‘Installation Pictures’ page.  This is a great way… Continue reading

Help with Tiles

Did you know that we don’t just specialise in Bathrooms here at Storm?  We have a large range of Tiles from different manufacturers within our Showroom in Stamford.

Whatever type of look you are trying to achieve, you can… Continue reading

What to avoid when planning your bathroom…

As we always say, the Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and you should take great care when designing the space; especially if you have a family as it needs to be functional and fit… Continue reading

Recommend a Friend

If you recommend a friend here at Storm of Stamford, you will receive a whopping £100 cash back!

Making a purchase at Storm of Stamford is now even more rewarding with our Recommend a Friend Scheme.  If you… Continue reading

Creating a Top End Look in your Home

As people become more adventurous with their home decor, more and more ideas arise to help you make your home feel unique, loved and remain practical…a winning combination!

The boutique hotel look is often an idea that many strive to… Continue reading