What to avoid when planning your bathroom…

As we always say, the Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and you should take great care when designing the space; especially if you have a family as it needs to be functional and fit in with your lifestyle.  We have compiled a handy list of mistakes that are commonly made, that you should try to avoid when planning your bathroom.  Obviously we are available at our Storm Showroom in Stamford, should you have any questions…that’s what we’re here for!

 1.  Neutral Colours

Instead of opting for a bold colour for the whole bathroom, stick to a neutral colour and add accessories such as Towels and furniture that can add some colour into the room, without it being over bearing.

2. Wall Paper

Whilst we agree that you can get some amazing Wall Paper’s these days, and can apply a varnish over the paper to avoid water damage; it still is a bit risky to use in the Bathroom.  It is always prone to peeling off and that won’t give a very nice finish at all!  If you want something a little different, opt for a Tile with a pattern on it, which will look just as designer.

3. Carpet

You may like having a lovely fluffy flooring throughout your house (especially in the colder months); but carpet really isn’t practical in the bathroom.  The texture of a carpet will always absorb any moisture which can lead to discoloration and mould.  You will end up having to replace the carpet on a regular basis, which is both costly and a hastle!  As with the walls, stick to a nice Tile that will be easy to clean and will last for years.

4. Clutter

Invest in a Bathroom Cabinet to house all of your toiletries.  No one wants to see the lotions and potions that you have and tidying it away will leave your bathroom looking clean and clutter free.

5. Shower Curtains

Whilst a Shower Curtain maybe a cheap and easy option for a bathroom; you can get a much better finish if you invest in a sturdy Bath Screen.  Not only does it look better but it will last a lot longer, as it’s easier to clean and won’t gather mould like the curtains.

We hope the above has helped you when thinking about your bathroom.  Again; if you would like to come in and have a chat, we’re more than happy to lend an ear!

We hope to see you soon.